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One of the nation’s foremost experts on Israel, Dr. Crisp is the founder of True Life Concepts Ministry, formed to create a movement to bring Evangelical Christians back to their Hebraic/Judaic roots and to teach church leadership and congregations how to study the Bible in its historical, geographical, linguistic and cultural context. He is also the founder and President of TLC Holyland Tours which offers customized wholesale travel to Israel for Christians and Jews from the USA.

He is acknowledged and embraced among evangelicals of various denominations as a leading authority on the historical, geographical and cultural context of both ancient and modern Israel. He brings decades of biblical research in Israel to help understand the Bible, and apply its truths to everyday life.

Recently he was named as the Strategic Initiatives Director for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. This strategic role will enable him to enhance and expand the influence of this world class organization to every state in America and around the globe. He is a leading advocate for Israel and serves on the prestigious National Council of American – Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Washington, DC and is one of their featured speakers. AIPAC’s purpose is to educate Members of Congress on a bipartisan basis about the importance of the US-Israel relationship. He has served for two years on the Religion and Foreign Policy Working Group United States Dept. of State, Office of Religion and Global Affairs, Washington, D.C.

As a pastor, he has served on various committees and boards at every level of Southern Baptist denominational life. As of June 2017 Dr. Crisp began serving a second four year term on the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Among the many regional and national honors awarded to Dr. Crisp, Liberty University’s “Stand with Israel Club” conferred on him their “Friend of Israel” annual award.

Dr. Crisp, a native Tennessean, has served as an adviser to both public and private educational institutions across America in curriculum, public relations and institutional advancement. Dr. Crisp serves as a Leadership Consultant and Spiritual Advisor to several companies throughout the United States.

He has been married for 40 plus years to his childhood sweetheart, Karen (formerly Brown) who has served the Lord alongside him in the pastorate from the eastern to the western seaboard and from Oklahoma to Texas. They have three grown children and five grandchildren.

Through some 40 plus years in the pastorate, he has served and taught congregations and in 1977 began to travel to Israel on a regular basis, Dr. Crisp was struck at the number of misconceptions there were among evangelicals regarding the various circumstances and events in the scripture. It was out of this that his desire grew to form True Life Concepts Ministry, to teach the Bible in its true life concepts and context in order for disciples of Christ to grasp the truth of the concept being studied or taught, and not a current myth or misrepresentation of what it was or how it happened. It is only from a true understanding of the Word of God that one can draw closer to the heart of God.

Dr. Crisp is author of “Passport to Israel, A Pilgrim’s Guide” and various studies including the “Holy Land Bible Study, Drama of the Ages, The Story of the Crimson River and more. He is a founding partner of Jerusalem Media Partners, LLC.