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“You are a dynamic, one-of-a-kind spokesperson…Your passion towards Israel and the land is inspiring…You are a tremendously important resource and friend for those of us who care about Israel. Thank you again. I wish you continued health, happiness and success in all of your ongoing endeavors…” An Executive Director from the Southeastern US
“Not even Greek or Hebrew have words to describe what you did for us as a church, not to mention me personally. You have indeed been anointed for this work and it will be completed!…We are praying for you and your work…We are so blessed to have known you and will look forward to our paths crossing many more times…” Attendee of a conference led by Dr. Crisp
“In just 12 minutes, evangelical Christian Minister Reverend Dr. Tony Crisp brought the house of thousands of AIPAC attendees to tears and to their feet as he shared his deep love and reverence for the Jewish people, for the Hebrew Bible, and for the Land of Israel. He has embarked on a mission to bring evangelical Christians back to their roots; to the shared roots and values found in the Hebrew Bible and to the Land of our common ancestor Abraham.”


Dr. Tony Crisp, PhD

Tony Crisp is a native of McMinn County, Tennessee and is the Founder and Director of True Life Concepts Ministry and Bible Time Broadcast, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has served as an advisor to both public and private educational institutions across America in areas of curriculum, public relations and institutional advancement. He has served on various committees and boards at every level of denominational life among Southern Baptists and is recognized by his peers for his down-home humor and his Biblical approach to leadership. He is known across the nation for his clear Bible exposition and ability to teach complex Biblical concepts and make those more understandable to the common man. Dr. Crisp serves across denominational lines and serves as the Strategic Initiatives Director for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – USA, Inc. (ICEJ) and served on the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tennessee from 2013-2019. Dr. Crisp serves our national interests as a member of the National Council of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, D.C. and is a member of their National Speakers Bureau.

God has led Tony Crisp to assist evangelical Christians all over the world in their walk with God by providing a historical, geographical and cultural context to the study of the Bible. He has been studying and researching in and about the Holy Land for more than 40 years and is considered to be a leading authority on Israel and its history both ancient and modern. Dr. Crisp has a heart for pastors. He and his team are expanding his Biblical Leadership Institute into developing curriculum for pastors and lay leaders that will give them the tools they need to understand the Bible the way its inspired Bible writers intended – through the lens of the Hebrew way of life, language, history and cultural context.

He teaches that every inspired author from Moses to the Apostle John believed that the people to whom they were writing understood the language, culture, idioms, illustrations and overall context of the writer. Bible students in western culture have primarily read everything through the lens of their own Western experience, not that of the Bible writers; hence the need for a different approach to study. During his many years in ministry serving as Lead Pastor in churches from the East coast to the West, he has written materials to help people better understand God’s Word while continuing his own study of God’s Word. In addition to earning numerous degrees, Dr. Crisp earned the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Organizational Leadership at Tennessee Temple University. His broadcast and media ministry is seen and heard on a number of platforms.


Why True Life Exists 
True Life Concepts Ministry is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and was founded by Dr. Tony Crisp in 2009. This 501(c) 3 tax exempt ministry exists for the purpose of educating, encouraging and engaging churches, organizations and individuals to study the Bible in its Historical, Geographical, Linguistic and Cultural Context.

Many need a greater understanding of the teachings or concepts in the Bible from the perspective in which it was written; a Middle Eastern viewpoint.

How True Life Engages and Educates
True Life serves to remedy that by Engaging people through conferences, speaking engagements, digital, social, broadcast and print media such as Israel Bible Conferences, Websites, materials and more. By Educating through all means possible, participants in True Life events, missions and study tours should come away with a greater love for the Jewish people, the Nation of Israel and the Land of the Bible. True life Encourages churches, organizations, and individuals to be personally and corporately involved in praying for Israel and this ministry by volunteering to travel for aid and educational opportunities in the USA and Israel, to become actively involved in funding, giving, and supporting this ministry in its various projects or those of its Partner Ministries and organizations and to support THE JEWISH PEOPLE and nation of Israel.

The Difference True Life makes
A greater understanding of the Bible in its True Life setting will aid the church, organizations and individuals to have a distinct and accurate concept of the relationship between Israel and the church. 

Opportunities to participate in True Life Concepts Ministry studies, seminars, and more are announced using various social media tools throughout the year.

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