NRB Air Date: 10-25-2020

Among the many miraculous manifestations of God on the Day of Pentecost, the greatest miracle was when God’s Spirit came to live inside every believer.

NRB Air Date: 10-18-2020

God created time and God will end time. In the time He has given us, God uses special days, or “appointed times,” that are markers of how He has brought about special events in biblical history.

NRB Air Date: 10-11-2020

God’s timetable is built around the special feasts and festivals that are found on the Jewish calendar. When we understand why God instructed the Jewish people to observe these “appointed times” we will begin to understand the entire bible.

NRB Air Date: 10-04-2020

Is the Great Commission only about “going,” or is it more about making disciples of Jesus Christ? Dr. Crisp explains the context around the scripture found in Acts 1:8.

NRB Air Date: 09-27-2020

The resurrection of Jesus was hard to believe, even for His disciples! After Jesus appeared to His disciples, He had to remind them of the promises of scripture and prophecies He would fulfill.

NRB Air Date: 09-20-2020

Why is it so important that Luke and John record seeing the linen cloths in Jesus’ empty tomb? There is much more to the reason than you might think!

NRB Air Date: 09-13-2020

The work of Jesus continues through the power of the Holy Spirit! In the book of Acts, Jesus tells the disciples it is the church that must continue His work until He returns to rule the earth.

NRB Air Date: 09-06-2020

We are living in an unprecedented time that is leaving us confused and unbalanced. Referencing Luke 24, Dr. Crisp shows us if we anchor ourselves in God’s word, we will find that He gives us the answers in how to bring balance back to our lives even during chaotic times.