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Tony Crisp – True Life Concepts Ministry – Knoxville, TN

Dr. Tony Crisp, Ph.D is the founder and president of True Life Concepts Ministry. Study the Bible the way it was meant to be studied, in its proper context. Read God's Word and readily understand its meaning. Discover truth that can change your life.

Bible Time • Episode 20 - Every Thought Captive

When we know the truth of God, the truth is what sets us free.

There is no greater need in the evangelical church than for God’s people to learn to deal with brokenness.

A Month of Daily Devotions

For many years Dr. Crisp has benefited from a daily time of prayer and devotion in the books of Psalms and Proverbs. In one month, by reading only five Psalms and one chapter of Proverbs daily, these two Old Testament books can be completed. These two books are full of wisdom and will draw you to the heart of God.