Daily Journey

The years 2020 and 2021 will be unforgettable as the events of these two years have forever changed how we live and interact. In the midst of the resuming chaos, as lives were turned upside down with sickness, adapting to working from home, business closures, children “schooling on-screen”, job loss and more, the media bombarded us with reports geared to cause fear, division, and uncertainty.

If ever there was a time needed to pause and take a hard look at how we live our lives and walk before others in the culture in which we live in, this is it!

As I prayed through how to help the most people I could to return to a life of consistently walking with God, I thought back to an event many years ago that changed the lives of millions and decided this might be a good time to try something similar, but on a more manageable scale. As I prayed, I came across a daily reading list from the Moody Church. After reviewing at their chapter-a-day format, I adapted it for this purpose.

In 1976, Henry Blackaby first published a book entitled “Experiencing God – Knowing and Doing the Will of God.” But it was not until the 1990’s that it began to sell millions of copies and to influence evangelicals around the globe. Multiplied millions of people said they grew in their relationship with God as they worked through that study, like at no other time in their life.

When asked about the phenomenon, in a leadership seminar I attended, Henry Blackaby said it was quite simple. The study itself was about as easy a format as could be written. The material, although very good material and well written, was not written in flowery language or would necessarily be called a scholarly work. So, what was the “catch” for lack of a better word, that caused millions to flock to go through the study? It was nothing less than having people get directly into the word of God and giving them a format that would get them reading the Bible on purpose, with a purpose in mind, namely, to “Experience God.”

In all my decades as a Pastor, I have found this to be true. God’s written Word is as unchanging as the Living Word. The written Truth, the Bible, tells us how to know the Living Truth. Our great God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yes, the times each individual lives may bring a different challenge, but the answers are still the same. We read the Bible so we can know more about who God is and how He has acted toward us; but even that is not the ultimate end. The primary purpose in reading the Bible and knowing more about God is so we might know Him!

I’ve found through the years in the lives of those I lead spiritually, and in my own life, that consistent reading of the Bible and obedience to Him, is the key to living a consistent Spirit-filled life. The years 2020 and 2021 are years like the world has never known; people everywhere are searching for answers, for stability, guidance, and encouragement. These can only be found in the immoveable, unchangeable, eternal Words of God.

Would you join me this year in beginning each day in His word? Your life will never be the same, and you will come to know the God who made you and find your purpose and real meaning in life as you walk with Him, “On the Way”.

For your assistance, we created a few resources, free, for your download. Please include your name, mailing address, email and phone number. These free tools include:

  • Reading Plan Checklist for all 365 days; a single page you can fold in half and place in your Bible
  • A couple of Study Guides that tell you the very basics to remember as you read – I use these in every class I teach, and just going by the principles and guidelines within them will help you in understanding what you are reading
  • There is a Chart of Ten Time Periods that will assist you in placing the events you are reading about in a historical context
  • You can download a Daily Commentary with Guide to better understand the chapter.
  • Dr. Crisp has a daily Podcast that gives 10-15 minutes of teaching on each day’s reading. https://tonycrisp.buzzsprout.com/

There is also available, for a monthly gift of any amount, a Monthly On the Way 365 Bible Reading Plan Booklet with the commentary and study page for every day of the month.

Tony Crisp