Pastor Jan Munch, an ordained Lutheran Pastor who loves Jesus, joined hands with Dr. Crisp in order to reach more people together than either could do separately. Many years ago, Pastor Jan determined to find a way to reach anyone, anywhere with the message of Jesus and with Jesus’s messages using the tools God had given him. Utilizing his own incredible “radio voice” he authors themed storylines, then expands their appeal by adding simple visuals, music clips and movement, then uploads them to his site, Ads4Christ. These are varying length videos, poems, songs, “shorts” or themed segments, and can be searched for by theme or type. New pieces are regularly produced and uploaded.

Monthly “boosts” are given to the new or featured materials through various social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition, books authored by Pastor Munch under his pen name, Jon Truman, are available for purchase: Christian Short Stories; his three Christian suspense novels; Cadaver, Angel, and Adryel; his  End-Times novel, Going Home, and our current, fast-rising non-fiction book, CODE BLUE, a Christian Perspective of near-death Experiences NDEs. (update link)

The newly updated site gives access to Bible Time Broadcasts, On the Way podcasts, and links to Dr. Crisp’s discipleship materials.

Please visit our website for more information. Please pray over this video now that lives would be touched by the love and forgiveness of Jesus throughout the nations. To support this ministry go to Click ”Donate” Please Share with others.


Ads4Christ is a web-driven format designed to reach people, anywhere, with the message of Jesus. An outreach arm of the comprehensive ministry of Dr. Tony Crisp and Pastor Jan Munch, it has reached as many as 1,000,000 people from over 191 countries, many living where no missionary can go.

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    191 of the 195 nations recognized by the United Nations