Bible Time Classroom

The first course, “How to Understand the Bible” (6 sessions) is complete. As additional courses are completed, they will be placed online where people anywhere in the world with access to the web, can study; a years’ worth of Biblical studies designed for discipleship in segments of 25-30 minutes with corresponding study materials and notes. Material is ready for the additional courses (48 in all, one year’s worth) but each requires taping, video and audio editing, and production of printed and online materials. Once completed, these digitized sessions will be online until the Lord Jesus comes, accessed through “” Upon completion of a course, a certificate suitable for framing can be downloaded.

A special plan is being worked out for churches that desire to Partner with Bible Time for ongoing support and unlimited use of Bible Time materials. Can you help? Will you help us take this to them?

Bible Time Classroom (coming later this year)

Pastors and lay leaders in the US and many nations ask for intensive discipleship courses, seminars and additional ministry training, but it is impossible to go everywhere requested. Many have asked if Dr. Crisp can provide discipleship courses with the content he teaches, to use individually, as a small group, or as a church. This is that online classroom. Bible Time Classroom is designed so that people anywhere, at any time, who have access to the world wide web can sit under “guided” teaching to better understand and study the scriptures. Many who are called to preach or teach have no access to formal training and work to serve God where they are, as best they can. Many would study if they could and if it was affordable for them to do so. This is an answer to that need.