Bible Time Broadcast

True Life Concepts Ministries and Hope for Israel are developing a new ministry and discipleship ministry. The new ministry is called, “First Friday Shabbat.” It is designed to connect Bible-loving, Israel-loving people all over the United States and other countries. The ministry is designed to enhance the God-blessed ministry of “Bible Time Broadcast” and the “On the Way with Dr. Tony Crisp” daily podcast. 

Together with Mark Jenkins, Executive Producer, and Greg Elgin, Manager Producer, filming is now taking place at the Remnant Church in Kingsport, Tennessee each Saturday at the 6:00 p.m. worship services. The Recording of Bible Time Broadcast was moved from the start-up location at the Biblical Times Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We could never say, “Thank you” enough to Jess and Linda Davis for their support and assistance with worship and recording space at the Theatre in the Grand Smokies Event Center when production began. COVID-19 changed everything for the entertainment industry for a time in cities like Pigeon Forge. We were part of that change. “Man plans his way, God orders his steps.” Proverbs 16:19

Each week, engaging half-hour programs are produced from these Saturday evening messages. An introduction and closing are added to each segment and scripture is inserted on-screen for additional learning. Every program is a “stand-alone” program, meaning it is not necessary to see the previous program or the one after for the message to make sense. Bible Time Broadcast programs are presently available at, YouTube, Vimeo, NRBTV Channel, Direct TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire.

Bible Time Broadcast

Bible Time is a series of thirty (30) minute programs made for TV and radio broadcast and other media platforms. The program has twenty-six (26) minutes of Bible teaching with the remaining minutes designated to promotions of books, trips, speaking engagements and the other related ministries God has given to us. The programs will be used for discipleship along with study guides and materials Dr. Crisp has created.

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